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Dear Marketer,

If you’re sick and tired of trying methods that don’t work if you’re struggling to get visitors let alone targeted customers to buy your product or service…

Then the good news: this is going to be the last course on Traffic you’ll ever need.

How would you like to, for a change, transform your dead ‘ghost town’ sites and them to life?

Because with what I am about to show you – if wielded with no restrictions – can send your server into meltdown! (That would be a problem – but a good problem for a change…)

But seriously, would you like to be able to wield such a potent weapon? Because finally, you get to get droves of visitors beating to the doors of your e-commerce stores…

Waving their credit cards frantically as they line up to buy from you…

And for the first time, all the products you’ve been buying up until now make sense. This is the *missing* puzzle.

I have a sneaky suspicion this isn’t the first time you’re looking for a way to make money. And if you’ve been trying for a long time, it gets downright frustrating…

All the more so demoralizing when you see others who have cracked the code (and they don’t necessarily appear to be much smarter than you are)

You wonder, “Did they get lucky?” and “When will it ever be my turn?”

Well, Your Turn Is About To Come And The Wait Is Over…

You see, I came up with this Traffic course that reveals easy-to-implement, step-by-step methods to generating the traffic you desperately need for your website or online business.

When I first started my business online, I was a newbie just like everyone else.

I did what nearly everyone at my level did: I tried learning by reading free articles, joining forums, attending seminars…

Long story short: that didn’t work out so well for me…

I am going to sound FLIP for saying this, but I decided to STOP listening to so-called ‘gurus’.

Because I gathered that there’s a lot of self-proclaimed ‘experts’ in the market and the more I tuned in, the more ‘noise’ I picked up… and the more confused I became.

So I took the path less traveled: I tried experimenting with different ways at my own expense. It wasn’t fun at all and frankly, many times I felt like giving up. But after going through countless trials and errors, investing tons of hours and my own money… I finally cracked the code!

My website traffic increased manifold

I went from zero for the longest time to build my subscribers list at warp speed

Hordes of buyers rushing to my sales pages to buy from me…

It was at that moment I realized, it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t succeed the first time! It’s because most of the methods and systems out there are built around loopholes or short-term solutions. And even with the ones that do, they are often short-lived, money-making tactics…

For years, I had subscribed to all these rehashed methods on the market that promised no results. And when I figured I needed to ‘take matters into my own hands, I arrived at the revelation I had been seeking out.

Once I discovered the secret to massive traffic, everything just clicked together. It was the last piece of the puzzle that was missing from my entire business.

And it probably is for you too.

This ultimate go-to Master course took several months to create, and at my expense. But it was totally worth it.

This 60-part full video course will show you ways to generate highly targeted website traffic using free and paid methods and build a strong following of loyal subscribers – with minimal effort.

Unlike most courses out there that focus on just 1 or 2 methods… This Giant Training Course Covers 11!

It’s too long to mention but to give you an idea, you will discover things like:

* How to tap into Facebook via FREE and PAID traffic
* The ONLY way to ace it with solo ads
* Sneaky little way to build your subscriber list through forums (without spamming!)
* How to leverage off ‘warm traffic’ and get people to send YOU traffic (I call this OPT – Other People’s Traffic)
* I also show you how to convert all your social media accounts into a beacon to attract targeted visitors

There’s more covered… that’s just scratching the surface.

The cool part? You don’t have to necessarily implement everything in this course to start seeing results! But of course, I present to you everything so you get to choose whichever top 2 or 3 methods you like, and run with it!

I had spent thousands of dollars learning and mastering the art and science of traffic generation…

… And a lot more from my hard-earned savings through trial and error…

There are workshops and seminars charging $2,500 and above for high-level Mastermind courses like this one.

So if I show you MULTIPLE traffic generation methods for less than half the price… This would definitely be the best value for your money.

If all this did was to help you solve your traffic generation troubles…

… Or start getting subscribers and sales on overdrive…

… Will it be worth it?

I know it would.

I’m not going to charge you $1,000.

Not $497.

Not $100 even…

Not anywhere near that at all.

In fact, I want you to scroll down check out for yourself just how little I’m letting go Big Traffic Secrets for.

You’ll be *shocked*.

Why am I doing this? Simple.

Traffic generation remains one of the biggest problems all business owners face – especially when they’re just starting out. And I know what it’s like struggling to get eyeballs to my site. If you will let me help you with that, that would be great.

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You’ll Also Get?

Big Traffic Firesale Videos Training 1

1.0 Introduction

Google Adwords
2-0 – What Is Google Adwords
2-1 – Google Adwords The Mechanics
2-2 – Highest Bid And Quality Scores The Basics
2-3 – The Strategies And Tactics In Using Google Adwords Effectively Part 1
2-4 – The Strategies And Tactics In Using Google Adwords Effectively Part 2
2-5 – The Strategies And Tactics In Using Google Adwords Effectively Part 3
2-6 – The Strategies And Tactics In Using Google Adwords Effectively Part 4
2-7 – Optimize Your Google Adwords Campaign

Media Buying
3-0 – Media Buying An Overview
3-1 – Reverse Engineering Work Backwards
3-2 – The 5 Distinctive Variables To A Successful Online Campaign
3-3 – Identifying Your Direct And Indirect Competitors
3-4 – Mastering Your First Banner And Offer
3-5 – Work It Out

Solo Ads
4-0 – What Are Solo Ads
4-1 – How To Generate Traffic Part 1
4-2 – How To Generate Traffic Part 2
4-3 – The Golden Rules Identifying Your Target Audience And Be Specific In Your Advertising
4-4 – The Golden Rules Knowing Your Numbers
4-5 – Test Your Solo Ads Out

5-0 – What Is Warrior Special Offer
5-1 – Creating Your Own Warrior Special Offer
5-2 – Warrior Tips To Traffic

Affiliate Program
6-0 – Meet The Affiliate Program
6-1 – The 3 Handymen Of Affiliating
6-2 – Customize Your Profile
6-3 – Grab An Affiliate
6-4 – Finalizing Your Product To The Affiliate

Big Traffic Firesale Videos Training 2

Facebook Ads
7-0 – Facebook Ads An Overview
7-1 – Lets Get Started
7-2 – Your Campaign Objectives
7-3 – Facebook Ads Budget And Bidding
7-4 – Audience And Targeting
7-5 – A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Dollars
7-6 – Optimization Increasing Traffic And Conversions
7-7 – Video Tutorial-Creating Your First Ad Campaign

Search Engine Optimization

8-0 – Introducing The Search Engine Optimization
8-1 – Meet Your Optimization Friend
8-2 – SEO Agents Of How Part 1
8-3 – SEO Agents Of How Part 2
8-4 – You and Your Traffic Generating Agents

Facebook Page

9-0 – Facebook Page
9-1 – The Fundamentals Of An FB Page
9-2 – FB Page Traffic Part 1
9-3 – FB Page Traffic Part 2
9-4 – Concluding Your Consistency With FB


10-0 – Introducing Instagram
10-1 – Instagram User On The Go Part 1
10-2 – Instagram User On The Go Part 2
10-3 – What Next For You And Instagram


11-0 – Welcoming Tumblr
11-1 – Becoming The User Of Tumblr Part 1
11-2 – Becoming The User Of Tumblr Part 2
11-3 – Tumblr And Traffic

12-0 – Pinterest Your Virtual Pins And Boards
12-1 – How Do You Pin It Part 1
12-2 – How Do You Pin It Part 2
12-3 – Traffic And Pins

P.S. Now imagine this…

You power up your laptop and you see an avalanche of visitors rushing to your websites

You notice hordes of buyers voting you with their credit cards every time you launch a new product.

Plus you get to expand your subscribers’ list at lightning speed

Best of all: You get to do all that with only HALF the effort and time needed.

Incredible, right?

That’s just a little preview of what Big Traffic Secrets can do for you. The power to master the skill of traffic generation at will! It’s now within your grasp and a world of endless possibilities await.